As technology will evolve this conveying and sharing of ideas and vision will keep evolving until we reach a point where we can physically project our ideas into someone else’s reality. To do that we will need to create a multi-sensory experience which can communicate through all the senses (touch, see, smell, hear, taste) and offer an integrated experience which is as good as experiencing the reality around us through our senses. Our reality is not just limited to 5 senses but the mash up of signals from various sensory receptors gives rise to many other senses like sense of distance, balance, direction, speed, scale, gravity, form etc.

PRESENT computation power and technology offers us to work upon visual and hearing sense only, through which we can create an experience which allows us
to perceive a space in an immersive way with a sense of distance, direction, scale etc.

Who so ever must have first felt the need of visualization must have tried to draw proportionally. Earlier perspectives and views were hand made, (we all know those water-colored perspective) then came computers and with that came an age of computer-graphics and hand drawn perspective evolved to 3D-views and walk throughs. But the motive behind these methods were same i.e. to convey what would be built, share the vision.


Our offerings and efforts revolve around developMent and integration of such technology and methods through which an experience can be created in order to share and convey any idea.

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